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FlashMaster v2.9

How To AutoBuy Mi A2 Using Flash Sale Extension Trick
(100% working)

What you need?


- A desktop computer / laptop
- Chrome browser installed on the computer / laptop
- A fast Internet connection (4mbps+ recommended)
- A stable connection is recommended (wifi > hotspot)
- FlashMaster extension installed on your PC's chrome browser (Click Here)
- An updated version of chrome browser. (version 65+)
- Make sure you are registered for the flashsale.




Where & When?


The Mi A2 is sold at Amazon.in. The flash sale takes place every Thursday at 12 noon.




Instructions | How To AutoBuy Mi A2 Using Extension

1. Open Chrome browser on your PC / laptop. Click on the install link given below.
2. Click on "add to chrome" button & wait for a few seconds.
3. A flash logo will appear near the menu of chrome browser.
4. Click on the flash logo to open the extension menu.
5. 10-15 minutes before the flash Sale, Turn ON the extension from
the orange button. Login into your amazon account beforehand.
6. Select Mi A2 from the list of products shown by extension interface.
7. The Auto-Refresher is Activated automatically. It refreshes the page Hundred of times until,
the BUY NOW button appears. It automatically clicks on the BuyNow button.
8. Auto-Refresher Stops automatically when Buy button appears, no need to manually turn off the extension.
9. As soon as the flash sale starts, the extension adds Mi A2 to the cart.
10. The payment page is displayed. Quickly check the address, details etc & confirm the order. Done!

* We recommend setting up the default payment methods & default addresses
(in amazon account settings) beforehand in order to save time.




How FlashMaster works?


The FlashMaster chrome extension when turned ON uses Powerful scripts to Auto-Refresh the page hundreds of times Until the Buy Now button appears. Then it clicks on BuyNow / Add to Cart Automatically even before the blink of an eye.



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