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FlashMaster v4.2

Flash Sale AutoBuy Helper Chrome Extension (Script)
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What is FlashMaster?


It is a Chrome Extension that helps you buy stuff during Flash Sales using a powerful Javascript code.
Purchasing something from FlashSale can be very frustrating. This is why we created FlashMaster.




What products can you buy?


- Asus Zenfone series (New)
- RealMe series (New)
- Redmi Note series (New)
- Xiaomi Mi series
- Huawei Honor series
- RealMe Note series
- Moto Power series
- Nokia series
- Mi TV series
- Redmi series
- Poco series



The mind behind:


This project was made by Dhanur Sehgal. He is a highly motivated geek dedicated to solve real world problems. He is a tech enthusiast, a gadget freak & a technology lover. He is dedicated to contribute & make the world a better place.

His other projects include a personal productivity super-tool called BrowseBetter.
It's a new, effective & efficient way to surf the internet.
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How it works?


FlashMaster when turned ON uses Powerful scripts to Auto-Refresh the page hundreds of times until the Buy Now button appears.
Then it clicks on BuyNow / Add to Cart Automatically even before blink of an eye.
It further makes use of the CACHE to decrease the reloading times.
The best part - It's totally Free :)



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Conquer Flash Sales easily
Save your time, effort & money :)
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Instructions | How to use

1. Install the extension in Chrome PC browser ( Not mobile version ) from the install link above.
Pre-Register for the required flash sale if required.
2. Open the required product page.
Ten minutes before flash Sale, open the extension from the top right chrome menu.
3. Click on AutoBuy/AutoRefresh button.
4. The Auto-Refresher is Activated automatically. It refreshes the page Hundred of times until, the BUY NOW button appears.
It automatically clicks on the BuyNow button.
5. Auto-Refresher Stops automatically when Buy button appears, no need to manually turn off the extension.
6. We recommend using the latest version of chrome (version 65+).
7. We recommend using HighSpeed stable Wifi connection (4mbps or more).
8. Avoid hotspots if possible.
9. Chances of winning a flash sale depends upon a number of factors like processor speed,
download speed, number of buyers, number devices in stock, luck, Internet stability etc.
10. As soon as the flash sale starts, the extension adds the product to the cart.
11. The payment page is displayed. On Flipkart, the extension fills the form using AutoCheckout.
12. We recommend setting up the default payment methods & default addresses beforehand in order to save time.